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Empowering business with technology

Traideas is a tech-driven business consultancy company that is geared towards software and digital infrastructure development. As a full-stack software and web development company, our expertise ranges from simple automation to complex web application development.

Why is it called Traideas ?

The reason and the motivation behind Traideas

Traideas was formed by merging two words, 'Trade' and 'Ideas' . We build software, websites, and mobile apps while focusing on business ideology. Traideas is not all business; we create identity with technology. Most importantly, we love discussing ideas, innovation, and tech. If you are a guy who loves to talk about wild ideas that will change your surroundings, we cordially invite you for Tea with Traideas.

Our Ideology

We uphold company and individual team culture in high regard and believe it must be guarded and extended by every new member of the team.

Service First

Our objective is to minimize the client's risks. We offer a trial period to collaborate with us and try our services. If unhappy, the client has the right to suspend all activities without any obligations. We have three departments, each with its distinct business focus: corporate solutions and SaaS projects, mobile and cross-platform solutions. We also have quality assurance, user interface design and development, and a DevOps unit. So, from design to development, we provide all the answers you need to ensure a quality software product.

Trust & Transparency

We started our business as a classic outsourcing company. We have put together software projects for our clients for years until we realized that writing quality software code is not enough to ensure customer excellence. To create an excellent product, you must identify its business problem and devise an effective solution. We at Traideas have transformed software creation into a transparent and interactive process. We go through the whole journey with our clients, supporting one another with all the required information and help. This creates a partnership that allows the creation of successful products and quickly brings them to market.

Always up - to - date

Traideas is a digital hub; we always try to keep ourselves equipped with modern technologies in this first-paced world. In industry 4.0, every sustainable business needs technological advantage to excel over the competitors. Many companies are facing the problem of finding a reliable partner for software development and support who understands modern trends.

The Traideas Team

We surround ourselves with incredibly talented creators, developers, artists, marketers, and thinkers who inspire us each day to achieve our goal of fundamentally transforming the motion industry.


Let's talk about your idea today

For any types of query, you can book a 30 min call with us absolutely free.